🎄Place your order before November 25th for save Christmas delivery 🎅

🎄 Place your order before November 25th for save Christmas delivery 🎅

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The History of Socks: from Stone Age to today’s custom socks

Socks accompany us for many thousand years. It is a very important part of the wardrobe, it makes our moving more comfortable because shoes don’t wipe us when we have socks on, moreover feet are not sweaty and do not freeze. So it is interesting and worth to learn something about socks, more than from which materials they can be made or what length they have...


Tell me your Sign and I’ll tell you what custom socks to wear

Probably every one of us knows what is his or her sign of the zodiac. It is dictated by the date of our birth of course. There are twelve signs and each has its own personality traits. It is interesting that someone who was born in May can be Aries or Taurus and according to if it’s the first or second half of this month, a person is totally different and has variant character. Many people believe in astrology and that stars can have control over our lives. We believe that horoscopes appoint our career path, choose what should be the zodiac sign of our future partner and many others....


How to wear your Custom Pet Socks

It is obvious that dogs are man’s best friends. As well as other pets like cats, hamsters, Guinea pigs or rabbits anyway. Animals accompany us in many activities during the day, such as eating, resting, going for a walk. Usually pets are the reason why we are walking out, even if we are tired after long hours at work. They also comfort and make us happy when we have a hard time or just a worse day. So why not have them with us all the time, not necessarily in a physical way? 


Custom Socks for Holidays - unique and comfy gift

We all know holidays are a very special and unique moment of every year. Many families all over the world are gathering together, leaving any arguments behind, spending a wonderful time and making some presents for each other. At Christmas everyone is trying to be kind and polite, even if it is hard sometimes. This is why we care about gifts for every member of our family. It doesn’t have to be a very big or spectacular present, it has to make a smile on someone’s face. 


Why personalized socks are a new banger from gifts world

Personalized socks are a real hit of recent years when it comes to gifts. Because the offer of large chain stores floods us with a sea of ​​identical products, it is really difficult to find something special nowadays. And yet we’d still like to find something truly unique as a gift to our loved one. In response to such an approach, small companies arose to produce unique, personalized gifts for special occasions. PrintsField is one of such companies, you can check how funny these can be!