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white Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
red Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
purple Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
pink Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
mint Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
dark Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
blue Football classic backpack personalized with photo of face printed on it
Football Personalized Classic Backpack

Football Personalized Classic Backpack

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Football has a tendency to bring people together. No matter where you’re from or what language you speak, football is the sport that doesn’t need words to be able to communicate with other people. It’s one of the many beauties of the sport. It goes beyond grammar, accents, and vocabulary. It’s a song that you can feel in your heart and soul.

Many boys get enthralled by this sport at an early age, and it’s important to nurture this passion. It’s a healthy way to pass the time, and it’s fun, too. Kids can get together and enjoy a game of football in the neighborhood park or in the schoolyard. It truly is a great way to pass the time.

When your son’s birthday comes up, you want to make sure that you get him something that relates to football since he loves it so much. You start thinking about a gift that could be more original than the usual and typical football gifts, something that will make your son super excited and thrilled. This is why our team wanted to propose our new football backpack.

Out of all the cool backpacks for boys, it’s this football bag that’s extremely special and different from all the other backpacks out there. You may be wondering why, and rightly so! This football rucksack is so original because it’s one of few personalized school bags that you can get your hands on!

What this means is that you yourself are able to customize this backpack for your son. It’s a straightforward procedure that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Choose a cool photo of your soon, choose another photo of one of his favorite teammates, upload both photos onto our website, and our team will make sure that these two photos become a part of the final design of the backpack!

Your son’s reaction to his new gift will be priceless. He’ll be sure to hug you and will be grinning from ear to ear. What’s more, he’ll start wearing this backpack to school, to his football games, and everywhere else that he goes.

With this gift, you’ll surely win the best mom award of the year!

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    Product Specs

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    • Product Specs
    • Delivery
    • made of high-grade waterproof nylon, durable and fashionable
    • one main zip compartment with two inner pockets and one front pocket
    • padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for ultra comfort and stability
    • black stitch lines on the surface of backpacks
    • print with vibrant colors - on all parts of the backpack
    • double zipper design
    • measures: 33.5cm WIDE (13.19 inch), 19cm DEEP (7.7 inch), 44.5 cm HIGH (17.5 inch)
    • possible slight difference in the color of the end product
    1. Design + production (printing, cutting and sewing) processes take about 5 working days
    2. Our backpacks are sent out from the China and you will get an updated tracking link
    3. The shipping takes up to 2 weeks to USA and about 2-4 weeks to Europe*
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