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Some ideas on how to make socks an attribute of joy

Christmas holidays are around the corner, so again we start asking ourselves - what present should we choose to make our loved ones feel truly special? The answer is simple - a personalized gift. Thanks to this, we emphasize the uniqueness of our beloved person and the fact that when choosing a gift we were guided by a truly individual approach. Such a unique gifting approach will be remembered for sure! Check out father's personalized gifts ideas here: 

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Ok, so what kind of product is the best idea for personalization? Something that is not only aesthetic and fun but also extremely practical - especially during the cold winter weather (but not only). That's it - you should definitely go for personalized socks! The question obviously arises - why are such personalized socks better than socks with ready-made designs. There are plenty of socks with beautiful patterns and vivid colors in the most popular chain stores. It's true, however, such socks are not unique, and I guarantee that when we put them on we will pass at least a few people wearing the same or similar designs on the way to work or school. And yet we all want to have something special. Even more so when socks are meant to be a gift for someone we love. We want them to be not only beautiful and fun but also unique. Such a gift, after all, shows that we actually made an effort to surprise our loved one. The bonus is, of course, a lot of fun and laughter while unboxing. 

By ordering socks at PrintsField, you can be sure that no one at a Christmas party will duplicate your gift. First of all - you can upload a photo with the recipient's face when placing the order (it can also be a photo of a dog, favorite actor, rock star or simply an emoji). Thanks to this, the print will be truly unique. In addition, you can also customize the color and design of the socks. This guarantees the uniqueness of the gift. Ok, the gift is already selected. It's time to think about the form of its packaging! It is as important as the gift itself. The idea is for our gift to stand out on the pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. Creating a sock bouquet is a great idea. Pinterest is here to help us, where you can find hundreds of inspirations on how to create something like this.

Here are our tips:

  • spread the sock on a flat surface. 
  • start wrapping the tip 
  • roll the sock tightly holding one end and the other loosely 
  • roll up the whole sock and spread the protruding layers so that they look like a rose
  • secure the flower with a safety pin 
  • insert a stick or peg into the tightly rolled tip 
  • treat all the socks in a similar way.

sock bouquet inspiration, source: pinterest.com

Voila! Sock flowers are ready! Now it is enough to wrap them with a bouquet or decorative paper or put them in a vase. Don't hesitate to let your imagination run wild. The crazier the idea, the better! And we are waiting for photos of exceptional packaging ideas. The best ones will be awarded attractive vouchers for future purchases. Don’t forget to have a lot of fun, by the way! ;)