🚚 Free Shipping over 40$ ❤️

🚚 Free Shipping over 40$ ❤️

About Us

HI! You must be wondering who are the people that created this colorful and fun place.
Let me introduce myself and my amazing crew. 

We’re a rapidly growing start-up powered by our uncontrollable creativity,
unshakeable faith in our goal, as well as selfless help of our friends and family
members who support us with their unique abilities and talents such as creating
texts, designs and website built. Together, we built this magic world!  

I’m Jakub (yes, I’m definitely a dog person) and together with my fellow worker and best friend
Mykhailo - we decided to establish a space where all passionate people will find unique accesso-
ries expressing their love towards their beloved family members, pets and colors.

Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colours, surprise and help. Choose your favourite bright-coloured designs, personalize them with your pet’s picture, impress everyone with the unique accessories or surprise your friend with a great gift and - at the same time - help our four-legged brothers!

We hope you’ll share our goal. Enjoy your stay at Printsfield :)