How to make a funny Christmas gift with personalized socks

Hey, I'm Buffy! 

Woof, woof!

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Today, for the first time ever, you will meet me as a beginner dog blogger. So let’s get started! Funny Christmas socks, which I produce with my dog ​​mother, dad, and our whole PrintsField family, have been created as an answer to the eternal question: what to buy for a Christmas gift?

woof woof! that's me with my mom and her friend!

Christmas gifting is not an easy task. Our loved ones are different, have different interests and hobbies. However, there is something that connects them all - their sense of humor! So let's try not to go for an expensive present this time. Instead, just choose a fun personalized accessory that will amuse our loved ones to tears and let them remember this Christmas for a long time with joy and smile. How to do it? Here comes the answer!

  1. Think about the special person you’d like to make happy with an extraordinary gift. Is this your beloved mother who loves sweets all her life? Or maybe an uncle who is known for his passion for hunting? Or is it your friend who is the biggest sushi fan? I am sure that for each of these scenarios there will be a perfectly matching pattern in our assortment. All you have to do is visit our collections page (for instance: dog lover socks) and adjust the custom pattern to the recipient. 
  2. Is the perfect pattern chosen? Great! The time has come to choose the right photo! Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a professional photographer pic. All you need is a well-lit shot of your loved one's (or pet's) face. Tip for professionals: find a photo that best reflects the nature of your loved one. A friend is a real prankster? Choose a laughing photo that looks really amused! Mom is a family elegant? Choose a photo that highlights it nicely. Your loved ones will definitely appreciate it. 
  3. Now, it's time to place an order. All you have to do is load the photo while placing the order. You can also add more than one image (a gift for a couple, or different faces) for a small additional amount - the effects are always great! 
  4. Immediately after placing your order, you should receive confirmation from my uncle Jakub. Then the order will be registered, forwarded to the graphic designer to create the project and redirected to the production center.  After each of these steps, you will receive an email with status information. Thanks to this, you will know exactly at what stage is the preparation of your presents! 
  5. After a few days, your product will be shipped. Depending on the number of orders, the entire process from placing the order to the moment the gift falls into your mailbox takes 2 to 4 weeks. However, because we know how impatiently waiting for gifts is, our team customer care will be at your disposal all the time - happy to inform you about the progress. 
  6. The gift is already with you! Now it is time to pack it nicely (the funnier the packaging, the better) and take care of the appropriate setting of giving. Don't forget to record the recipient's reaction when they get their gift! Then tag us in the video! The funniest videos will be shown on our profile, and we'll give their authors personalized gift vouchers.
  7. Let’s get started! And don’t forget: the best gifts are the ones we remember for years!

    Have a wonderful pre-Christmas time, guys!


    Your Buffy