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Face Mash Products with Your Photo

Our facemash socks make perfect funny gift ideas, but then again, so do all of our quirky face mash products! Hilariously funny and completely outrageous, our facemash theme allows you to upload your own photos of faces to be combined together in a quirky pattern your friends will love! You can use literally any photos of faces so long as they are crisp and clear, which means you could do a mash-up of a combo of your mom, your cat, and your dad for a funny Christmas gift for your siblings! Your options are endless!

A simple and quick process, all you need to do is upload your chosen photos, select your product of choice and our team will add your face mash pattern to the product before shipping it directly to your mailbox! Your loved ones will go nuts for your epic gifts designed just by you for them. We guarantee they will soon be asking you to create more exciting designs for them!

Boring, impersonal gifts are a thing of the past now that our exciting range of customizable goodies is here! We offer an impressive selection of unbelievable items that range from underwear to stationery and even backpacks! The really amazing thing about all of these great products is that they can be easily customized to feature not only your own personal design but your personal photographs as well! Personalized by you, they can be romantic or sentimental, they even make epic funny gag gifts ideas too! 

One of our most hysterical and best-selling themes is the face mash! What is the face mash you ask? Well, for one thing, it is a design that is so hilarious it will have your friends and family rolling on the floor with laughter! Our face mash products allow you to upload up to three of your personal face photographs. They can be of you, of a family member or friend or even of your pets, or a mixture of a few of those! Just remember, whichever photographs you choose to upload, they must be crisp and clear! Once your pics have finished uploading our team of creative face mashers will seamlessly blend your images together to create a phenomenal pattern of your chosen faces! This masterful design will then be applied to whichever products you choose. Be it a blanket or a mug, your face mash products will come out looking insanely cool! Outrageously funny, your friends and family will not believe their eyes when you present them with one of your custom designed items featuring their faces! Never to be found anywhere else in this galaxy, our face mash products, designed by you are perfect as a gift for that person you know who has it all! 

So all you have to do then is sit back, relax, and get working on taking some hilarious photos of your loved ones for your next batch of face mash goodies! We can guarantee that your thoughtful yet incredibly quirky gifts will have everyone you know lining up to beg you to make them a face mash designer present too! The options of combinations are endless which means hours of designing fun for you and endless days of giggling for the person lucky enough to receive your fantastic gift!