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Funny Personalized Gifts

Spoil your friends and family with a gift that will not only be remembered always, but that will be cherished too. Create a present just for them that is not only truly unique in design but that also causes great bouts of laughter that come from deep within their being. Add a dash of your own personal humor to our epic range of customizable items to create funny custom gifts. We offer just about every item that can be personalized, from stationery and socks to mugs and magnets.

Choose an item you would like to add your personal touch to, before checking out our outrageously funny themed designs. Bunnies and parrots to cat dads and pizza, we cover an array of funky topics! Next, upload your hilarious images of your family or friends to transform your epic item into a never to be found again gift that will blow your loved one’s minds!

Everyone loves a good laugh, and more than that, they love something which easily makes them laugh each time they look at it! So why not create a hilarious gift for your friends and family that will guarantee a smile each time they look at it! Really simple and so much fun to do, our amazing range of funny custom gifts are easily transformed when you upload your personal photos and combine them with one of our wacky themes. We offer a fantastic array of products from blankets and undies to magnets and stationery, so no matter what kind of item you think would be best suited to your loved one, we have something for everyone! 

Our designer themes are totally out-of-this-world! Featuring comical illustrated images and funny graphic slogans, our patterns are sure to provide a great laugh. Covering every topic from cat dads to funky parrots, donuts to bunnies and even sushi, you are certain to find something that will cause a giggle when your loved ones unwrap their gift! Add your own personal splash of humor when you upload your hilarious photos to be printed on your funny gag gifts! Your chosen pics could be of your dad, your mom, your bestie or your boyfriend, find the most hysterical images of their faces or even funny ones of their pets and upload them to create an artistic masterpiece that turns giggles into fits of laughter that bubble up from the belly! Just remember, the photos you upload will need to be crisp and clear! As soon as your pics have finished uploading, our team of comedic designers will seamlessly blend your images with your chosen themed design. Your artwork will be transformed from a virtual rendering into a timeless and outrageously hysterical gift that will never be forgotten. 

Your friends and family will not believe their eyes when they see what you have come up with, bespoke and definitely exciting, your funny personalized gifts will be so unique they will never be found anywhere else in this galaxy. So sit back, relax and pat yourself on the back for coming up with such an inventive way to keep your family smiling whilst spoiling them at the same time! A gag gift or a birthday gift, a little humor goes a long way in brightening your loved one’s day!