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rockets Rockets socks personalized with photo of face printed on them

Rockets Personalized Socks

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Launch your intergalactic fantasies with a pair of custom socks with stars, made especially for lovers of astronomy.

This design is simply out of this world and features a galaxy filled with rockets. The coolest part about this is that the design allows you to feature your face as a part of the socks.

This pair is an excellent addition to every sock drawer and can be worn to pretty much anywhere. They’ve also been known to be a great source of new interesting conversation.

These are the perfect gifts for astronomy lovers. The people, who live and breathe space, would always love a present from space.

So get this gift for anyone you know who watches the space channel with anticipation, excitement, and wonder. This pair belongs to people who monitor NASA’s every move, imagining all the possibilities of what is out there in space and worlds beyond ours and getting excited by the idea of launching satellite, probes and people into space.

So if you know anyone who can’t wait to leave this planet on a rocket ship, order them a pair of these socks and get us a photo of their face, so that we print it on your gift.

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