Custom Backpacks for Kids and Adults

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How can I order personalized backpacks?

You’re in the right place :) Just follow these simple steps to order your shoulder backpack with photos:

Do you make custom backpacks with name?

Our custom made backpacks are personalized with photos only. Anyway, if you would like to order a bigger amount of custom backpacks, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get you custom printed backpacks just as you’d like them to be :)

What size are PrintsField personalized backpacks? Are these personalized backpacks suitable for kids?

The measures are as following: 33.5cm WIDE (13.19 inch), 19cm DEEP (7.7 inch), 44.5 cm HIGH (17.5 inch). Our backpacks go in one size. Hard to specify whether it is a small backpack or a large backpack. We would say it is a usual average size backpack :) PrintsField offer a big backpack enough to serve well as a backpack for parents or a picnic backpack.

Our customers are ordering them for their kids, so why not having custom backpacks for school? Cool idea, isn’t it? We recommend you to check a life video on the backpack product page, so you can see that our custom backpacks are pretty roomy and would work as a perfect backpack for middle schoolers to fit in all their books and notes.

What color can I order my backpack in?

It is important to say that no matter which design you choose, the backside of your backpack will always be black as the most universal and durable option. But the front can go in various colors: black backpack, pink backpack, white backpack, red backpack, yellow backpack, orange backpack, grey backpack or other colours that you can check and choose on each product’s page. If you for example choose a white front, you will get a black and white backpack.

Are these personalized backpack for boys or are these girls backpacks?

PrintsField’s custom backpacks are unisex, which means it can be either mens backpack or womens backpack. What design should you choose for a men backpack? We obviously have no answer to this :) You can find basketball design, or for example a rockets design. But who said these can not be personalized backpacks for girls? Right, no one said so. So you better check our cool backpack designs and you will definitely choose something for you.

Can I see some video of how your cool backpack look in life?

Yes, sure! Each product page includes a video of a custom printed backpack. So you are able to check this before you order. For example see this pet backpack with cat design.

Where can I see reviews of PrintsField personalized backpacks?

You can check the reviews of our customer by visiting our Instagram page , where our customers tag us on photos :) You will find there backpacks for sure: backpack with face, backpack with dog design, backpack with cat design or with any other available on our page. Sometimes it may be a really lol backpack design. Also it is worth seeing our other products, you may find something else you were looking for!