Custom Socks With Faces

How do I order custom socks with pictures?

  • Add the face socks with the design you choose to your cart
  • Upload the photo to get your socks with faces
  • Choose your preferred payment method and wait for your personalized socks delivery.

Photo socks are really a great addition to your wardrobe, or, if you’re looking for a cool gift, custom face socks would do the job the best!

Imagine someone asking you “Oh, what a cool socks! What it printed on them?” and you be like “That’s my photo socks:)”. We bet that other person would then want to have similar personalized socks with face.

Is it possible to get some discount for custom pet socks?

We recommend you to subscribe for our newsletter. This way you’ll receive an instant my face socks discount code to your email address. It’s worth though to stay with us for a little longer, as we regularly provide our subscribers with discounts on custom made socks and not only them!

If you need to get an offer for a bulk order (20+ pairs of personalised socks or any other personalized products), please contact us

What sizes do pet face socks come in?

Your custom picture socks go in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

You can find everything on sizing and materials of PrintsField’s custom socks with face on each product page. Make sure to check that section before completing the order, so you get the perfect size of the socks with your face on them :)

Where are personalized socks with pictures manufactured?

Socks personalized with your photos are produced in two different locations: some custom photo socks are made in USA and some are made in China to simplify and shorten the delivery time of your best personalized socks to Europe.

Nevertheless we recommend you to place your order for personalized face socks at least 2 weeks prior your expected delivery date, so your personalized photo socks are delivered in time.

During the holiday period, the delivery time of custom socks with photo for Europe may be extended to 3 or (rarely) 4 weeks.

Will the face on socks remain of the same quality on print that it was on the photo? Can I be sure my custom face socks will be the same as on the examples?

There may be slight differences, which is normal for print on fabric, however we do our best to make your custom printed socks come out even better than expected. In PrintsField you always get the best custom socks! ;)

Can I, for example, order custom dog socks with the design from any other than a dog collection?

Absolutely! All the designs available on our website can suit for your socks with dog face.

Choose any design you like, upload a photo of a dog and get your dog face socks. Personalized dog socks can be a great gift for someone obsessed with their dog. Check our reviews, you’ll definitely find there customers’ photos with their custom socks with dog face :)

Socks for a gift sounds like not the best idea. Do you have some examples of occasions that your customers gave somebody socks with faces on them as a gift?

Yes, of course we do have examples and first of all, let us assure you - it’s definitely a good idea to give customized socks as a gift!

Does your mom love cats? You can give cat personalized socks for her :) Or if the Father’s day is coming, give him dad socks with faces! We had customers who ordered personalized wedding socks, which groom gave to his groomsmen as a gift. We received orders for custom crew socks for bachelors or bachelorettes parties!

Personalized Christmas socks may be the winner of all socks, if there was no pet collection, where you can put a dogs face on socks or any other pet :)

Some men order personalized dress socks to make their suit and tie style even more perfected. We can talk a lot about funny face socks, but it’s better for you to check our reviews and Instagram to see people’s reaction to custom socks with faces :) It will tell you everything!

Remember, our custom fuzzy socks do not have gender! Personalized socks for men or personalized socks for women? There is no such thing. Customized socks with faces are for everyone, so you can be sure your gift will be relevant and very creative.

I prefer to order some kind of weird my face socks, rather than have a “usual” smiley face socks. Is it ok if I send you a silly photo of mine?

That’s not a problem at all! It’s up to you to decide how would you like your personalized socks with photos to be - serious or happy face socks. Put your face on socks and unleash your creativity with PrintsField :)

Same applies to pets face on socks - they can be whatever you like. Socks with pet faces are funny no matter what! Remember, you can always order custom socks with multiple faces ;)

Do you only have dog socks custom collection? Are there also custom cat socks?

Yes, if you are looking for cat face socks, we do of course have such collection. Personalized cat socks could be a great gift for your friend, who owns a cat or simply dreams about some specific breed :) Cat face on socks would definitely make him or her happier!