Personalized Mugs With Face On It

How to make a custom mug?

Ordering a custom mug has never been that easy as with PrintsField!

First, you need to choose a design of your tea mug. This actually might be the hardest step of the process, as you need to choose from 80+ designs available on you can have a cat mug, a teacher mug, a heart mug, a mom mug and many many others. Don’t waste your time, go straight up to the products and choose the one you want or need.

Second, right after you added the chosen one to your cart, upload photo or photos you want us to personalize your mug with.

Lastly, fill in all the details needed and wait to receive your custom mug.

What colours are PrintsField personalized mugs?

All our mugs are made of ceramics and they’re white mugs on default. Anyway together with choosing a design, you will also be able to choose a colour of it, so you can have a blue mug, a black mug, a pink mug, a green mug or any other colour you like.

Our big range of products will bring you a lot of mug ideas, that’s for sure :) If you not a fan of coloured mugs, you may want to choose mash mug design. This one will go with faces all around the mug, so if you are looking for a real face mug, this one should go to your cart.

What size are your custom photo mugs?

We offer two standard coffee mug sizes (or tea mug, latte mug, cappuccino mug - whatever you like):

11oz mug (standard mug) and

15 oz mug (large mug).

It is not a giant coffee mug, but definitely a big mug enough to enjoy your morning coffee or any other drink you prefer.

Will mug drawing remain the same quality and sharpness as the photo I send you?

We only use clear mugs to put a print on them, so the quality of the design drawing will remain the same as you see on the photos on our website. When it comes to the photo you send us, it is better to be the best quality you have to the mug drawing comes up the best it possibly can.

Can I buy any mug sets on PrintsField?

Yes, you can create your own sets and here are some examples:

Christmas mug set - santa mug, snowman mug and christmas tree mug.

Family set - grandma mug and grandpa mug, or dad mug and mom coffee mug.

Pet lovers set - cat coffee mug and a dog mug.

These are just a few examples of what coffee mug sets you can create yourself on Printsfield. With more than 80 designs, you will definitely be able to come up with your own ideas for the coffee mug gift set. As one said: “Two funny mugs are better than one” ;)

What photo should I send you to put a face on a mug?

It’s totally up to you to decide which photo you would like to have printed on your custom mug. We would recommend you sending us some cheerful photo so you have a smiley face mug. You can send yours and for example, your dog’s photo, so you can start your day with a coffee in your own custom dog mug. For a mug face to come out in print as good as possible, please send us your best quality photos.

Can I put a text on the mug?

We do not offer such design service for a simple reason - most of our custom mug designs already include texts, which makes it a really cool mug. Some examples of ready-to-use designs with texts may be: cat dad mug, number 1 dad mug, best dad ever mug, fathers day mug, best mom mug, dog mom mug, dog dad mug, cat mom mug, world's best mom mug, dog lover mug, love mug, best friends coffee mug and many many others.


The list is not full and we can continue it, of course. Our coffee mug gift ideas are so wide! Everyone can find a funny coffee mug they’re looking for. No matter for whom and for what occasion, custom mug is always a good idea and a chance to express your love and care. A mother’s day coming? We have a mothers day mug. A father’s day coming? We have various dad coffee mug design ideas for this occasion. Your grandparents are going to retire soon? Give them a retirement mug, so they can now drink coffee in peace each morning and remind themselves how well-deserved their rest is. Got friends who are obsessed with their dogs and cats? Here come personalized cat mug and personalized dog mug. Or maybe, your friend is having troubles and you want to cheer him or her up? Do it with personalized mug for friends! A huge coffee mug will make them smile for sure. If you are away from your parents and miss your breakfasts together, order yourself a mom and dad mug so they are always with you. You see? Literally a tons of ideas ad you can fulfill them all in PrintsField.