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Personalized Wallets

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A unique way to get the men in your life to think of you each time they pull out their wallet? Gift them with custom wallets with your photo of course! A sweetly sentimental gift with a dash of fun, design your own wallet - the perfect way to spoil your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. Finely crafted from top quality materials our one of a kind customized wallet is the ideal gift for any occasion.

Patterned all over with our exciting themed designs, these wallets are eye-catching and stylish, to say the least. Our extensive range of themes means we have something to suit every personality type. Easily turn your gift into a bespoke wallet he will treasure always by uploading your own personal photos. Whether they mages are of him, his cat or even of you, the choice is yours! So let your creative streak run wild as you design him a one of a kind present he will never forget.

Every man needs a personalized wallet. A place where he can store his money and cards that make him feel like a king. Women often have a multitude of handbags to suit their personalities, so why shouldn’t men have a wallet that embodies who he is, that perfectly shows off his character and sense of style? We have just the thing for these men, a personalized wallet for him, designed by you! A magnificent gift for any of the guys in your life, this fantastic present is the ideal blend of sentimental and stylish. Perfect for Christmas or birthdays, Father’s Day or even Valentine’s Day. We have something for every occasion.

Exciting, quirky and fun, our impressive range of themed designs means we have something for everyone. Whether the gentleman you are buying this epic wallet for loves pizza, or cats or even parrots, we have just the theme for him! Printed all over with our outrageous illustrations these wallets are outrageously fun! Fashioned using only the best materials and superior design, our men’s wallets are not only sturdy and long-lasting but they are trendy and eye-catching too! 

Turning these already epic pocketbooks into unique and funky gifts is so easy! Simply unleash your inner creative genius and you’re ready to go! Upload a photograph of the lucky guy receiving this wallet, or a photo of his cat, or goldfish or even of his mom! Just remember, whichever pic you choose it needs to be crisp and clear! Your friend won’t believe his eyes when he unwraps this one of a kind gift and sees not only his favorite theme but his face too! Legendary!

As soon as your photo has finished uploading, our team of creative designers will seamlessly blend your image with your chosen themed design. Your artistic masterpiece will be transformed from a virtual rendering to a magnificent wallet that will have all your friends begging you for one! Once your order has been finalized, we will begin the design and production of your personalised wallet for men. When the production process is complete we will have our team ship your designer wallet directly to your mailbox. So why not design your own wallet of one for a friend, for a gift never to be found anywhere else on this planet!