illusion Illusion mug personalized with photo of face printed on it

Illusion Personalized Mug

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Look at this colorful mug! What do you see?

Are you sure that that’s what’s really there? Because sometimes what you think is a typical custom mug design, is really just an illusion.

But you’d already know this, if you are fascinated by optical illusions.

Ever watched a magician cut a box into half that has a person inside without cutting the person?

Or seen an image of a grumpy old man staring on the ground which, when vision is adjusted, appears to be a beautiful young woman looking sideways?

Ever encountered the viral picture of an animal that, when viewed from a different position, appears to be two faces staring at each other?

Or a picture of a person who is strolling on level ground but appears to be walking up a wall when the picture when the picture is turned upside down?

Illusions are always fun and this is why we have designed a picture on a mug, made up of various colors and sizes of circles, making up larger circles, that appears to rotate even when motionless.

This is the perfect gift for magicians or anyone else who enjoys a good optical illusion.

What’s more, you can place a picture of your face in the middle of this illusion mug and have some fun while you drink your morning coffee.

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