Tell me your Sign and I’ll tell you what custom socks to wear

  1. Astrology can influence some aspects of your life.

Probably every one of us knows what is his or her sign of the zodiac. It is dictated by the date of our birth of course. There are twelve signs and each has its own personality traits. It is interesting that someone who was born in May can be Aries or Taurus and according to if it’s the first or second half of this month, a person is totally different and has variant character. Many people believe in astrology and that stars can have control over our lives. We believe that horoscopes appoint our career path, choose what should be the zodiac sign of our future partner and many others. 

Horoscopes are known and popular for thousands of years and were invented by Sumerians. It was about two thousand years BC. There were more Signs then than nowadays. Only Babylonian astrologers got the idea to divide an Earth ecliptic for twelve. It happened one and a half thousand years later. And this is how, for example, a part of Scorpio became Libra. The rest of the Sumerian signs were attached to another constellation. 

But what the zodiac have in common with fashion? Well, it turns out that a lot. We said every person with a specific sign has his or her personality and very often it is connected with what they like to wear. This applies not only the main garments but also additives like socks or jewelry. Every stylist will say details make outfits. So let’s think about the socks and what is the best for which Signs.

  1. Review of the zodiac signs and recommendations for wearing socks.

We have to start with Aries because it is the first sign in the zodiac. People with this sign are idealists, dreamers and hotheads. They like to cross their borders and always raise standards. They infect another with enthusiasm. So the best socks for them are colorful and strong ones. Such a pair can have various designs like dots or even flowers. Aries can not be afraid of bold print. 

Recommended color: red.

The second is the Taurus. Persons with this sign are disciplined, hard-working and cheerful. One color, toned socks will match them. Tauruses also like to go crazy sometimes so they can wear socks with some lace or glitter. But only for a big way out. 

Recommended color: blue or pink.

Gemini is one of the most vigorous Signs. People born at the end of May and the first three weeks of June are full of life and joy. They really like to travel. So the best option is to choose colorful, crazy socks, maybe with some photos with views from journeys.

Recommended color: bright yellow.

Cancer is the fourth zodiac. People with this sign are very loyal, conciliatory and gentle. They always sympathize with anyone in trouble. Socks for them should be in toned colors and do not have many details because it can overwhelm them. 

Recommended color: dark green.

Leo is a very strong one. They help everyone around, take them under their wings. Leos are generous and open-handed. They also have leadership abilities. So their customized socks have to have distinct themes, for example, big patterns.

Recommended color: gold, orange.

The end of August and most of September belongs to Virgo. Persons who were born in these days are reasonable, calm, resourceful. They have smart advice for everyone who asks. Their socks should be elegant, even connected with sports shoes. 

Recommended color: grey.

People with Libra in the zodiac are gentle, ethereal and they float above the ground. They are not confrontational and always choose to talk about a problem, not to argue. The best socks for such persons have to be in pastel colors, have very small and delicate patterns. 

Recommended color: lavender.

Scorpio people are very intelligent and have a lot of sense of humor. They are independent, reliable and they handle every situation. Such persons need meaningful socks. A good choice will be to customize them with some signs which illustrate Scorpios’ convictions and ideals. 

Recommended color: burgundy.

Sagittarius is the sign which starts at the end of November. People born on these days are joyful and very friendly to anyone they meet. They have many friends and pay attention to every one of them. So a good idea for socks for this Sign will be a pair with a photo of them and their friends or family. It will bring them happiness. 

Recommended color: violet.

In December and January zodiac pass in Capricorn. Persons with this sign are very meticulous and always give everything they can to achieve a goal. Personalized socks for them must be concrete - the best option is to choose some geometric figures in strong colors.

Recommended color: dark brown, bottle green.

The personality of Aquarius can be complicated. They are free spirits, do only what they want, follow own trails. They are open-minded too. They do not like to get involved so maybe socks with an image of their crushes will not be a good idea because we don’t know if they will be in this relationship for a long time. Aquariuses really love animals so socks with their pet are suitable. Anyway, who doesn’t like socks with cats?

Recommended color: yellow.

Last but not least is Pisces. People with this zodiac sign are very sensitive. They love their family and friends and want them to be happy no matter what. Customized socks for such persons should have some prints with meaning. For example star - it is a symbol of dreams so it will be ideal for Pisces who are dreamers. Socks for them have to be comfy and soft.

Recommended color: indigo.