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Personalized magnets make an ideal gift, no matter what the occasion! A small stocking filler for Christmas, cute addition to a Mother’s Day gift, or even just as a little I love you for granny. Everyone the world over loves fridge magnets, and who wouldn’t? They bring a little smile to your face each time you open the fridge. A little stamp your friends and loved ones leave in each other’s home to remind one another just how loved they are!

So why not leave your mark on their hearts and on their fridges by personally customizing one of our quirky and cute fridge magnets, just for them! Simply choose a themed design from our impressive range of choices, whether you go for donuts or beer is up to you! Next, upload your own photos to add to the mix, sentimental or humorous, the choice is yours!

Fridge magnets never go out of fashion! There isn’t often a home you will go into that doesn’t have a refrigerator dotted with magnets from friends who have traveled or grannies who thought they would give you a cute little gift, or even from kids who have made them at school. So why not add to these collections and make your mark of your loved one’s fridge with an epic customized magnet of your own. Yours, however, won’t be just any magnet, but rather a colorful custom photo magnet. Designed by you, just for them, your friends and family members will never find a magnet like yours anywhere else in this universe, which makes your gift priceless! People will be lining up for a personalized magnet designed by you!

Select a theme that perfectly suits your friend or family member from our impressive range of designs. We have every pattern imaginable from cute donuts with sprinkles to rockets and ufos, and even puppies and parrots too. Our unique illustrations are irresistible and oh so funny! So if you are looking for something sweet for your grandpa or romantic for your boyfriend, we guarantee you we will have the perfect theme just for them! 

Transform these super cool custom fridge magnets into a one of a kind gift in a few easy steps. Unleash your creative genius and get designing to special craft these little gems no one will ever forget! Simply upload your chosen photos - they could be of your magnet recipient, of you, or even of the family cat! The photos you choose depend entirely on whether you are wanting to add a dash of sentimentality or a pinch of humor! Just remember, whichever photos you choose to upload, they need to be crisp and clear! 

As soon as your pics have finished uploading, our team of creative magnet masters will seamlessly blend your images with your chosen themed design. Your outrageous artistic masterpiece will be turned from virtual imagery into a magnificent magnet that your friends and family will never have seen before! Once your order has been finalized we will begin the design and production of your magical custom magnets. When the production process is complete, our team will have your wacky magnets shipped directly to your mailbox. So all you need to do then is sit back, relax and begin customizing your next hilarious gift!